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6 November 1983
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  • ichigo_icons@livejournal.com
This journal is non-active. I have moved to violetterosa. Feel free to peruse the archives still here, but all my new work is posted over there.


This is the icon journal of lin

I make icons of all sorts of subjects. Anime, celebrities, movies... anything that catches my fancy. I like pretty things. I also get bored pretty easily, so make icons often.
Thanks for showing an interest, and I hope you like what you see :)

I participate in icontests quite often. See the awards I've won here


I'd appreciate if you would credit 'Lin' or 'ichigo_icons' in the keywords or comments, how to do so is explained here and here.

comment to say you're taking them. This is purely for me, I like to know where they go and comments let me know which styles are appreciated and which aren't :)

dont take my icons, change something about them and call them yours. That makes you an asshole. Also, textless icons are not bases.

do not take these icons and archive them somewhere else! There are put online only for your personal use, not for you to distribute them on other websites.

No hotlinking!



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